Before using a 3-D printer it is better to know the functioning of it, to ensure better operation and make full use of the printer by the user. This is an object that creates a physical three dimensional output. Although this has been extensively used in the previous years, the first 3-D printer was invented in 1986. As times passed the ease to use these printers have improved and now can be used by anyone as it is uncomplicated. All 3-D printers are based on the same methodology which is that they are build layer by layer. The difference lies in the materials used to build these layers and how they are built. In today’s time there are even cheap budget 3d printer 2018 that can fulfill the user’s needs. Here is an overview for their basic understanding.

A 3-D printer is a machine has the capability to make everything, this new generation of machine makes almost everything easier but everyone might not know how it is that they operate. The first 3-D machine worked on the idea that if there was enough ink in layers then it would form a three dimensional object. Any printer is first connect to a PC where a blueprint has to be made which resembles a kind of a blueprint of what the user wants the output to be. This design is sliced into thin layers. The printer might be directly connected to the PC or it can be wireless as well. The layers formed are then printed out in the same manner which gives a full object as a result. The objects printed can be movable and may work which results in making objects like hinges. The printers are capable of printing in 3D huge objects like a bike, a car and more. Each layer that is printed is made of very complex components. There are various materials used in a 3-D printer.

A more advanced version of 3-D printers is the rapid prototyping machines but the 3-D printers are more affordable and hence available to masses. There are many different materials used in making a three dimensional object such as ABS plastic, polyamide, glass filled polyamide, silver, titanium, steel, wax and other materials which enables the user to choose what the final product he would like to be made of. There is various 3-D software that is used to print 3-D images. It is always better to begin with software that is easy to understand for beginners such as Goggle sketchup, 3Dtin, blender, OpenSCAD, Tinkercad and more. All these software help create a 3-D object while using very few basic tools that can do a wide range of operations. It does not focus on the artistic aspect which makes it easier for people who do not have experience in making a blueprint but still resulting in a high end product. The understanding of a three dimensional printer makes it fun which will develop further interest in anyone using this amazing technology.

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