England Women’s Rugby Team Shares 10 Fitness Secrets

Rugby is a challenging sport, and you need to be at the peak of physical fitness to play at the highest level. We can all learn a lot about staying in shape and keeping fit from rugby players. Read on to discover the England women’s rugby team’s top ten fitness tips.

Lift Weights

Many women think lifting weights can lead to an overly muscular look. However, this is an unfounded worry because women do not have the testosterone required to get this look easily. Sensible weightlifting will create a sculpted, shapely physique with lean muscle.

Speed Work

Work on developing explosive power by practising sprints. You can also use jumps, hops, bounds and skips to increase your athleticism.

Inspirational Music

Music can have a big impact on your energy levels. Listen to your favourite grooves and you will probably be able to work out for longer at a higher intensity level.

Eat Well

Keep to a healthy diet but make sure you enjoy your food. Change your meals to ensure you get all your nutrients and keep your diet interesting.

Regular Meals

Try to eat every three hours or so. This keeps your energy levels and metabolism up. Have a drink of milk before bed, as this helps with hydration, helps you to sleep and gives you protein.

Racket Sports

Mix up your regular sport with other varieties to keep things interesting, tax other muscles and maintain good fitness levels. Tennis, squash and badminton are great options.

Rotational Core Work

Use a Swiss ball to work your core in a rotational movement as well as a crunch movement. Hold the plank pose and lift weights overhead. All these things work your core in different ways.

Strength Sports

Use strongman exercises to test your body. You will develop great functional strength from exercises such as flipping tyres and lifting odd shapes.

Make Cardio Fun

Run, swim, cycle – whatever gets your heart rate up and you enjoy. You can also use a rugby drill video, which you can find at https://www.sportplan.net/drills/Rugby/, to work on cardio and practise rugby skills at the same time.

Treat Yourself

Remember to treat yourself to a slice of cake or biscuit now and then. Ideally, make it yourself so you can know what is in it and avoid additives.

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