How to Browse the Internet Anonymously?

Are you living with a myth that you are not been monitored while browsing or surfing over the internet? If yes, then open up your eyes as you are been tracked for every single move you make onthe internet. But surely, there are certain ways out to browse the internet anonymously. Here we have listed out some of the best ways to browse the internet anonymously.

Secure Webmail with Extensions

You data over the email are tracked by the webmail you are using. To avoid this, Mailvelope is the best browser extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome that adds OpenPGP encryption to the webmail service used by you.SecureGmail is similar extension which is responsible for encrypting and decrypting your emails. This means that your emails will never reach Google. Make sure the recipient has this extension installed for decrypting the email.


Incognito mode is the most basic privacy options that most of you will be aware of. Most of the browsers support this private browsing mode. With Incognito mode activated on your browser the cookies and other browsing data would not be stored on your system. But this mode doesn’t hides your identity or browsing activities as this mode is only limited to your system and your IP can be tracked by the ISP probvider.


VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are one of the most effective means to protect your online privacy. VPN is generally used to hide your IP address. You can enjoy unlimited surfing securely over a secure& encrypted virtual tunnel eliminating the restrictions imposed by the government. Most of the VPN services do not store any logs and are also available at low price. Nord VPN is the best VPN service that can be used to browse anonymously online.



TOR was initially developed by the US navy in order to protect the government communications that were at risk for falling in wrong hands. TOR is basically a network of virtual tunnels that lets the groups or people to enhance their security and privacy on the internet. TOR also allows you to access the dark web or any deep web content that might be hidden from the eyes of public. TOR is popularly used to access the content based on drugs and other critical information.

Proxy Server

Proxy Server is generally a computer that acts as an intermediate between the internet and your PC. It is one of the best ways to maintain your online anonymity as the proxy server will mask your IP address and your browsing sessions would not be tracked by the ISP. You can easily fool the trackers or website about your location if your proxy exists in some other nation other than your own. A number of free proxy services exist online to help your out in browsing anonymously.

Final Words

So, these were some of the most common ways that can be used to browse anonymously on the internet. You cannot be tracked easily if you are using a proxy server, TOR, or a VPN network for browsing anonymously.

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