How to quickly and easily track phone location

Are you looking for solution to easily track a phone location without compromising with the accuracy factor? Are you always worried about the whereabouts of your children or the exact location of your employees to confirm the authenticity of their said location? The best solution is to use a cell phone location tracking app.

Let us know how one can quickly and easily track a phone location:

  1. Tracking a cell phone other than yours:

A cell phone that needs tracking and which is not yours, maybe your child’s, you need to take the help of a cell phone location tracking app like the mSpy. It is a great app for tracking the cell phone location of your target. It is easy to download and can be installed within a couple of minutes by following the instructions consisting of a few simple steps. Once the installation is done the app gets to work and reads all the activities of the target phone along with the GPS location, SMS tracking, call logs monitoring etc.

What is the process tracking cell phone location?

  • The first step to track cell phone location would be to download and install the location tracking app in the target device. The target device is the cell phone that you want to track.
  • Physical access of the target phone to download and install the app for the few minutes that it takes to do so.
  • Once the app is up and running, it gets down to business and immediately starts tracking the activities of the target device and uploads it to the online account of the location tracking app which you can easily access through your cell phone or even a desktop.
  1. Tracking a cell phone that is lost:

There could be instances of losing or forgetting a cell phone somewhere and not remembering or knowing the exact place or time of such an happening. It could also happen that your cell phone could get stolen without your knowledge and by the time you realize your loss it is too late.

Let us look at some of the options to retrieve back the lost or stolen cell phone:

  1. Tracking an android device:

If the cell phone lost or stolen is an android device, then following are the steps to get it back:

  1. Get your hands on another android device and download the Android device manager. This is the best app to locate your lost or stolen phone. It also has features where you can remotely lock or erase the data on it.
  2. After accessing the Android Device Manager, log into your Google account that is synced with the lost or stolen app. After the login process is completed successfully, the app will start the process of locating your phone and display its last seen location on the map.
  • This app also has other features wherein remotely make the device ring for easy location or can also remotely lock the phone or change the lock pin.
  1. Locating an iPhone:

If the lost or stolen phone is an Apple product then following are the steps to be followed:

  1. Login to the iCloud with the help of the Apple ID and password which is synced with the lost phone. By default all the iPhone devices have their location tracking turned on and hence iCloud can help you track the iPhones even from the web browser and displays location on the map.
  2. If you locate the phone somewhere near you on the map you can use the option to play sound so that the device emits a shrill sound that helps to easily locate the device.
    • If the device is located somewhere far away you can use the Lost Mode option which remotely locks your phone and displays a number on the device which can be reached to return the phone.

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