Is carrot top really work?

Many men not only want to look fit but also they want to be strong muscles. In celebrities, if one change his appearance or look then other follow blindly the path and change their lifestyle as the same or so different. While some wish to bulk up and other want to slim down. Weight lifting and exercising is the best way to build muscles but people do not choose this way because this method seems hard. People use steroids for build muscles on the risk of steroid’s side effects. It is fact that intake of steroids give many benefits. A person who is taking steroids may be an increase in body size and muscle strength. Carrot top can be possible that injury of user will heal faster.

With so many benefits there are some terrible risks also. With the raise in strength there is raise in aggression, blood pressure and sex drive. It can disfigure both the skin and the hair. Apart from this people use steroid for its positive effects and ignore negative effects.

A famous red – haired comedian has had a body transformation. It is said by the muscle gain promoter website that Carrot Top started weight lifting in 2001 and it happened only by the use of steroids. Another said that the curly-headed Carrot Top had undergone plastic surgery. His face has been altered and it has been done from the drugs. Perhaps he had some Botox injections to making his skin to appear like this.

Carrot Top joined TAG – Together Against Bullying an anti-bulling campaign in 2015. He promised to try his best to get others involvement. He accepts that it was difficult to be bullied although he has made his career different.  It is very comfortable and easy to involve in an event when a person connects with the same cause. Carrot Top is harassed because of is changing features. People used to call him Popeye or Thunder Cat for his appearance as cartoon. His eyebrows are different from his fiery red hair and do not match.

Sometimes body changes increased by use of steroids. Carrot top laughs people like other comedian. People do not expect comedian in a good shape. Since other comedians are so self – deprecating. Carrot Top has been lifting weights, no one can deny from this but the question arises in mind that Carrot Top’s muscles are real or not?  He has disagreed intake of enhancement drugs or undergoing any plastic surgery. He has stated many times that he follows the plan and care about the body to stay in shape.

 There are the best way can improve one’s life. Need to involve three good habits in life style. These are sleeping for sufficient time, exercise daily in proper way and eating whole food.

If one decided to survive with steroids, he required to know about the harmful side effects of the steroids. Suppose a person felt impatient than others or his hair was getting brittle, his body could not in the long run because these are the symptoms of risks involved in steroids intake. Carrot Top uses steroids are not been proven and perhaps it will never be proven unless he accepts it one day himself.

If one decided to get involved with steroids, he needs to know the risks involved.

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