Know the Horses Better- Suggestions from Kimberly Dey for Better Care and Control

Horses are a completely different animal- and it is the might and glamorous posture it holds that makes it so favorite to mankind. Coupled with spirit and strength, the horses make it a super stylish and a magnificent animal that one would love to own. But it is these same traits in a horse that makes them a dangerous animal while riding on the ground. So, as an owner or someone who loves horses, how could these traits be handled? Knowing the reasons can actually help to have a better understanding of these animals.

Kimberly Dey , a name that is more popular in the business world, finds some grotesque interest in the horses. And it is the immense passion for this breed that makes her find time out of her busy schedule and spends it in her own breeding farm. This is indeed a diverse nature that can’t be seen much in individuals. On one hand, when she goes through brain storming business sessions every single day, on the other hand, she finds her leisure best spent with the horses. She believes that understanding the horses better can only help in handling them better.

Going by the inherent nature, the horses are quintessentially prey animals. What does this statement suggest? Those who have a better understanding of the animal world will know that this nature only leads the horses to look out for safety, hunt for the predators and ready to find freedom any moment. Just like human beings, even the horses have got a social order of their own, and most of the horses have a tendency to test whether they have moved up the ranks or not.

The most common mistake that Kimberly Dey finds man makes is taking these times of testing personally. One needs to understand that while one is being kept as a pet, horses have a tendency to consider the human being as their herd, and while being within the herd, they are always less shy. As a result of it, horses will always have the affinity towards testing the owner and the boundaries set to find out whether they move up in the pecking order. They are too innocent to forget that man is proverbially supposed to stay at the top of the order always.

However, there are some aspects that even mankind needs to understand regarding the horses. Respect is what all aspire, and it can be received only by giving. Demanding respect is definitely not defined by beating or bullying. As these creatures outweigh us under all circumstances, there’s no point getting into any muscle fight with them. Horses are an animal which looks for a leader on their own. It is the duty of the man to grow as his leader so that the horses automatically follows the orders.

These research works and studies have allowed Kimberly Dey know more about the horses. Her passion has helped her find out a completely different side of the animals. With a perfect balance between her profession and passion, she’s someone modern women look up to.

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