The Grass Root Basics of Chemical-free Farming for Healthy Farm Produce

Farming in today’s world is not just what a single farmer does on his field. It is more of a community where he gets to read more about the types of farming around his part of the world and beyond. He also gets to know more about the types of crops that could also make a big splash if he could get the seeds imported or grow in his own field. Today’s farmers also are waking up to many new techniques and practices, and one of them is the use of organic farming and careful farming.

The farmers who are cautious about not just their crop yield but also about the environment shall be in safer hands. In fact, this organic farming is not a new technique but it started when too many irresponsible farmers and farm owners left behind over-used farm lands. They started reaping and over-reaping farms in such a way that it caused the nutrients from lands to dry up soon.

Then big corporations came with their antibiotics and pesticides, which once again, tried to drain up the nutrition from the lands. The worse situation was when the lands became poisoned and birds and bees too started getting affected besides the crop yield.

Thankfully, Geoffrey Morell , the founder of PA Bowen Farmstead in collaboration with Weston A. Price Foundation began to take things from a different light. He ensured that the change should come from within and he began to give up chemical based pesticides and antibiotics for good.

Though many other fellow farmers would not agree with this but the fact is that now it is a trend to spot an organic fruit, vegetable or legume selling in neat packages in markets.

The best thing is that even today these organic farmers are also using eco-friendly pesticide alternatives that do not cause any damage to the crop. Yet, the pesticides would be just helpful in keeping insects away or pests at bay. Likewise, this is an affordable way and yet healthier way of farming with effective results.

One more area where farm owners and cattle-herds are benefitting these days by going organic is by ensuring that they go for crop rotation method. Along with that, using compost or manure that one could give from cattle to back to the crops shall help in retaining good healthy soil. Soil’s health is of great significance too and one must not ignore this fact. So, farmers these days could go for this eco-friendly method of tilling, using manure, and crop rotation would help in keeping the soil healthy.

Geoffrey Morell has stood by all the farm owners who have got plenty of experience in farming organically and he also practices several other methods of ditching antibiotics for the farm and even staying away from soy for the cattle feed.

Cattle animals could get food without soy and yet healthy and nutritious. The farm owners just would need to consult the experts from this field and give the cattle food that would give them hygiene and keep them in good condition for meat or dairy.

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