What should a good dentist be offering?

We all know what a good hairdresser should be doing when you go to see them; you know what you expect of a mechanic when you take them your car. A teaching job is pretty obvious, and so is that of an architect. What many of us do not know is exactly what a good dentist should be offering. How do you know what a good dentist looks like? What words should they be saying, what tools should they be using, and how long should an appointment be? These are the questions that so many people ask when they are looking for an outstanding San Diego dental clinic because it is the dentists themselves that you end up basing your decision on – and it can be difficult to know exactly what you are looking for.

It gets even more difficult especially when they all have the same dental qualifications – which they almost always do! Even if they have no attended the exact same college, the training that they complete is always the same, and most of them simply graduate with a certificate and licence to practice dentistry. You do not get any insight into grades, or achievements, or anything like that. One dental licence is much like any other, and so you cannot think about altering the way that you look at a dentist by the type of training that they have received.

So how can you go about choosing an excellent San Diego dental clinic and dentist? Well, we think that there are four things that you should be looking out for, and if you use these as your guide, you can start to work out which dentist could be the best fit for you:

  1. Excellent service

This goes beyond checking that your teeth are all still there – this is shaking your hand when you enter the room, remembering your name without having to look at your chart, asking after your family, and providing you with everything that you need to be comfortable. This is not something that they teach at dental colleges, and it is absolutely essential.

  1. Great dental knowledge

This is something that is hopefully taught in dental colleges, but that does not necessarily mean that they have retained it! If you are in a San Diego dental clinic and a dentist seems to be checking everything with their dental nurse or another dentist, then perhaps they do not have the great dental knowledge that you require of your dentist.

  1. Reassurance and trust

Some people just feel more trustworthy than others. It is a hard thing to pin down, and not everyone feels it from the same people, but without that trust and reassurance, you do not really want someone to be injecting stuff into your gums! If anything that a dentist at a San Diego dental clinic does makes you feel nervous and uncomfortable, then they are simply not the dentist for you.

  1. An opinion

This one may sound a little strange to some people, but yes, you want your dentist to have an opinion. Sometimes with dental problems you are going to have a multitude of treatment options, and how on earth are you meant to know exactly what the best thing to do is? You want a dentist who is going to weigh up the pros and cons of the different options, consider your dental and medical history, and help you to make the best decision.

If your dentist does not offer all of these things, then perhaps it is time to look for another dentist in a different San Diego dental clinic.

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