Why Is Cloud-Computing Becoming Popular Among Small Businesses?

In the digital age, entrepreneurs using modern technologies in a number of ways to increase the competitive edge of their businesses in the market place. Only a few decades back, people in the field of trade, industry and commerce could not imagine this being possible. However, with the event of cloud computing, these businesspersons are hiring suitable service providers who allow them to move, store and access their vital business data in a cloud. For them, this is more cost-effective than purchasing and maintaining necessary hardware to establish on-site datacenters for their organizations. Many experts who specialize in providing internet-related services explain that this trend will continue to in the near future.

Why is Cloud-Computing necessary?

Rene Bostic , a specialist in the field of cloud computing services, cites the follow important reasons why many entrepreneurs of small business enterprises are adopting this technology:

  • Need to adapt to a changing environment

In today’s business environment, the proprietors of these organizations feel that need to adapt and change the way they use the internet to promote their businesses. According to them, this is the only way they will be to gain the upper hand in the market and compete with the large corporate enterprises.

  • Saving money on unnecessary infrastructure up gradations

Many business organizations in the small-scale sector have obsolete IT infrastructure, which will be very expensive to upgrade. A more financially viable option is to the hire the service of a reliable cloud-computing provider to assist their employees in the task of storing and accessing vital business data. The owners of these businesses are aware that even if they have the finance to upgrade their existing infrastructure, they would inevitable fall back to the user-level. Moreover, they also know that investing in new computers for all their employee will not help to solve this problem.

  • Easy access of vital information from remote locations

Unlike previous decades, small businesses conducting their commercial activities in the digital age need to be able to store and retrieve their business data differently. The employees of such organization need to able to access such information quickly even remotes locations from where they usually discharging their functions. To achieve this objective, the owners of such enterprise will ultimately opt to hire a dependable cloud-computing service provider.

  • Ensure Security

The problem of storing vital business information in a computer or on-site servers is that it vulnerable to a variety of risks. Employees who do not have proper authorization to handle such data can easily destroy, lose or damage it. Moreover, there is always the threat from unknown computer viruses. In addition to this, it is not possible for small businesses keep a backup of such vital data on a regular basis because it is both taxing and expensive. However, these difficulties do not arise in the case of the organizations opt for cloud computing services.

Rene Bostic states the above causes make it crystal clear why cloud-computing services are becoming popular among entrepreneurs of small business enterprises.

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